Trump Policy Change, Instead of The Trump to Crown Prince Salman

Trump Policy Change, Instead of The Trump to Crown Prince Salman


In the case of the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, US President Donald Trump has been threatened by supporting Prince Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia. He has given importance to the interests of the country while following First American theory.

Trump cleared Tuesday that strong partnership with Saudi Arabia will be maintained. He also defended his decision that he would not blame the Saudi rulers in the heinous murder of Khashoggi. On October 2, Khashoggi was killed in a consulate in Saudi Arabia, located in Istanbul, Turkey. The CIA report showed that Crown Prince had ordered the murder. Khashoggi was a vocal critic of Crown Prince.

Turning down the demand of American lawmakers to tighten sanctions on Saudi Arabia, Trump said it would not break even military ties with Saudi Arabia. This kind of step can be stupid. This could only benefit the US, and Russia rivals Russia and China in weapon trading.

He told reporters, “We are not going to leave the order of millions of dollars. Making a balance is quite easy for me. I have to make America again great King Salman, and Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Muhammad bin Salman strongly refused to know about the conspiracy to kill Khashoggi. Our intelligence agencies are looking into all the information. Earlier in the statement released by White House, Trump said, ‘It may be that Crown Prince is aware of this. It can be in his hand. ‘

On the statement of Trump, opposition Democrats accused the MPs of weakening their intelligence agencies. He failed to face Saudi on human rights issues Senator Dianne Feinstein said, “All the people involved in the killing of the journalist should be held responsible.” The Washington Post wrote that it is betraying American values. Khashoggi used to write columns for this newspaper.