GIPHY becomes the second most used search engine on the planet

GIPHY becomes the second most used search engine on the planet


GIF Adherent There are others: At the 2019 WCIT held in Yerevan, Armenia, GIPHY co-founder Alex Chung announced that his search engine was now behind Google.

For several years, the “gifs” are becoming more democratic. You probably use them every day or so, like many Internet users. This form of visual and dynamic communication is mostly used for humorous purposes, but initially, these small animated images have mostly been developed to talk to us about love.

Sometimes words are not enough
Indeed, interviewed at WCIT 2019 in Yerevan held in Armenia a few days ago, the co-founder of GIPHY, Alex Chung, returned to the original intention of his company.

It started with a strange philosophical conversation with my friends about language, and about the fact that we only had a few words to talk about love in each language. And maybe some emojis, he explained. But there are a million different ways to express love. And at the time there was no way to send or communicate these types of expressions to other people.

It was then that the idea of ​​a search engine for this type of expression began to sprout in his head. “”I was looking for a way to catalog all the expressions of the world so that everyone could express their feelings with images. Sometimes words are not enough. Especially in cross-cultural situations.

And from the start, everyone joined. Aware of the potential of his business, GIPHY has since made sure to get all the licenses or almost.

We have all the sports leagues, he explains in an interview. NFL, NBA, FIFA Movie studios too, like Disney or Warner Brothers. All TV studios also. We also have all the labels, all the celebrities We have been good stewards of the content. People trust us. We serve more than 10 billion images a day today.

The success is such that Chung said during this event that GIPHY was now behind Google in the ranking of the most used search engines on the planet. Today, you probably interact with it without knowing it. It is indeed with this engine that you are looking for GIF on iMessage, Twitter, Facebook, Messenger or Instagram. To recite nobody else but them.