About Us

Perfect Market Research (PMR) is one of the fastest growing Market Research-focused website in the US and the world. Our work has been referenced by some of the biggest publishers in the US including MSNBC, Think Progress, Scientific American, among many other media outlets.

Some of Perfect Market Research industry’s top CEOs, directors, founders, and board members read our news regularly. We have also been attributed by various citizen scientist websites for spreading awareness in Perfect Market Research fields including renewal energy, electric vehicles, etc.

Perfect Market Research strives to be an indispensable resource for research news and commentary. While we may be a relatively late entrant in the market of Perfect Market Research news, but we definitely don’t lack the required experience, enthusiasm and the zeal to become a popular publication and to become part of the mainstream media as a dedicate website for the topic.

From the perspective of technology we focus on solar power, clean transport – electric vehicles to be precise, wind energy and power, energy efficiency, and energy storage. Beyond these topics, we also cover news and analysis on other related topics such as climate change, global warming, geothermal energy, hydropower, and nuclear power.