Google Assistant on iOS, Help Siri 'OK Google'

Google Assistant on iOS, Help Siri ‘OK Google’


Google Assistant app on Apple’s iOS will now get support for following shortcuts, which will make the use of Assistant easier for users. According to the instructions written on Apple’s App Store, “We’ve added a serial shortcut to make using Google Assistant easier than ever.”

According to the Tuesday report of ‘The Verge,’ users can set the following shortcut for regular words used in the assistant.

According to the report, Goodnight, Google can open assistant on speaking and start regular work such as shutting down your room or shutting down the door.

Users can already add Assistant widgets on the iPhone screen, and with new features, users can use series to join Google Assistant.

The advantage of the new feature can be taken on updating the assistant on iOS.

Earlier in May, at the 2018 conference organized in Seattle, two intelligence estates ‘Microsoft Corta’ and ‘Amazon Alexa’ worked together for the first time.

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