Natural Disasters: Impact of Disasters on Environment and Human Life

Natural Disasters: Impact of Disasters on Environment and Human Life

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The natural disaster is a word whose horror is not only our country but probably a country of the world has survived till now. Natural disasters have caused the world to shiver with the help of storm, hurricanes, overcrowding, drought, floods, and earthquakes, and in what way. A great example of nature’s outburst appears in our Samana Kerala form.

What is human is responsible for the outbreak of nature.

Too much human is responsible for natural disasters. Humans are blind in their selfishness and engaged in maximizing nature. Because of this, the environment is getting very harm. As a result, humanity is facing natural disasters. At the same time, some disasters are natural.

The right remedy to avoid natural disasters

To avoid natural calamities, there is a need to adopt the right measures. For these disasters where one side should try to enrich nature. On the other hand, construction of infrastructure should be done only by keeping in mind the disasters. If there is any kind of natural disaster, then there will be no more harm than that. Also, weather scientists have to be updated. So that they can give accurate and accurate information.

Make a natural effort to participate in public participation

For conservation of forests and soil, we do not have to depend solely on government policies. This work will not be left to the government but rather to work with the public participation. We will have to make the most efforts to save water and save greenery.

Simultaneously, conserve soil moisture with water conservation. In areas where the plants that grow easily, they should be applied. This will not give special attention to the maintenance of plants. This is the reason that in villages where greenery is high, the risk of natural calamity is also very low.

Defense policy is essential for environmental protection

To avoid the challenges of the environment, we have to adopt an environmental protection policy to deal with all kinds of disasters. Regardless of whoever the region is. All of them must pay special attention to protecting the environment.

Whenever infrastructure is built for basic facilities in a city or village, then arrangements should be made to face the disasters firsthand. In this period of change of weather, unusual circumstances should be kept in mind. The budget should be prepared for this. Also, if it comes to going from one place to another, then it should be ready for that too.

Drainage system at road construction

Whenever a small or large road is built around us, then we should pay attention to the proper arrangement of drainage. If this is not done, then it becomes more prone to flooding. On the other hand, cutting of trees and using more of the dynamite in the mountainous area increases the risk of landslides. Especially in regions like Uttarakhand and Himachal, it is getting affected.

Pay attention to cleaning

We must maintain cleanliness around us. Efforts should be made to reduce the polythene and plastic waste completely. Apart from this, while making toilets, it should be kept in mind that their design should be such that they do not have groundwater pollution.