Human Life in Crisis, Continuous Drop in The Quality of The Sperm

Human Life in Crisis, Continuous Drop in The Quality of The Sperm


Male fertility, i.e., men’s reproductive capacity is continually decreasing every year, and experts believe that chemicals, glazes and modern lifestyle throughout the world are responsible for this. In a study conducted on 1,24,000 men coming to the Fertility Clinic in the US and Europe, it has been revealed that men’s sperm quality is declining at a rate of 2 percent every year. In addition, separate research also focused on several 2,600 600 sperm donors. It consisted of men who had a little more than normal fertility. In this research, the researchers also saw the same pattern.

Fall from 59 percent between 1973 and 2011, Although most men can still give birth to a child, if the scientists believe that this trend continues, that is, in the quality of the sperm If there is a continuous decline, the human race can mean the existence of a person in danger. In the last year, i.e., 2017, there was a similar study in which in the western countries between 1973 and 2011, there was a decline of 59 percent in the quality of quality and quantity of sperm.

Pesticides, chemicals, and stress are responsible for This study; it has been reported that due to the chemicals that distort the pesticides, hormones, stress, stress, obesity and the quality of quality and quantity and quality and decrease in the quality of the sperm is. Apart from these reasons, consumption of alcohol, caffeine, and processed meat is also responsible for the reduction in the number of sperm. According to scientists, the number of testicular cancers is also increasing steadily. At the same time, a large number of such boys are having one or both testis missing, and their testosterone levels are constantly changing.

Dynamic sperm reduces by 2 percent every year
Scientists of New Jersey and Spanish Valencia of America, for the first time, had a large-scale study in which swimmer spammers were studied on the number of total dynamic sperm. Men in this study were divided into 3 different groups. Low Sperm Count, Medium Sperm Count, and High Sperm Count. The number of active sperm in men in the group with high sperm count is declining 1.8 percent every year. Dr. James Hotling, a co-author of this study, says, “The full potential of this fact is that more men will be unable to produce children in the future, and this is a matter of concern.”