Top US envoy on Oil Import from Iran: India will talk to European countries

Top US envoy on Oil Import from Iran: India will talk to European countries

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After the US sanctions on Iran, there are many things about India coming out of oil import from Iran. Now it is revealed that India will take its decision after the talks with the US. Significantly, after China, India is Iran’s second largest oil importer.

With regard to closure of imported crude oil from Iran completely close to the November 4 deadline fixed by the Trump Administration, one US diplomat on Iran affairs to discuss India in this regard, this week, New Delhi US Special Representative for Iran, Brian Hook, will travel to Europe besides India to discuss US foreign policy towards Iran.

According to the Ministry of External Affairs, Hook will discuss with his “colleagues and partners” to fully rein in Iran’s destructive behavior in West Asia and its own neighborhood during his one-week long journey.

Francis R., Assistant Secretary of State for Hook and Energy Resources, during the visit to India. Fanon will meet his counterparts for advice. At the same time, in Luxembourg, he will interact with officials gathered for the meeting of the European Union Ministers.

According to the Ministry of External Affairs, the officials of the Hook and Energy Resource Bureau in France will meet the Executive Director of the International Energy Agency. In Belgium, he will meet his EU counterparts and discuss the continuation of the Iranian government’s missile program. Meanwhile, the Ministry of External Affairs says that he expects all associate countries to stop buying crude oil from Iran by November 4 or be ready for penal sanctions.

India will continue to buy crude oil from Iran even after November 4, in response to a question on media reports in this regard, State Department spokesman Heather Knott said that this is not helpful.

Knut said that in relation to all the restrictions that will take effect from November 4 and you are referring to the restrictions on Iran’s oil and the countries that continue to purchase crude oil from Iran, Have talked with your partners and colleagues all over the world. He said that our policies against those countries are very clear.