NASA's Opportunity Rover mission end After the 15-year historical journey

NASA’s Opportunity Rover mission end After the 15-year historical journey


The NASA spacecraft Curiosity Rover’s journey to Mars explains the end of the historic journey. The US space agency NASA announced on Wednesday that the rover was over. In his 15-year historical journey, he covered the many mysteries of Mars.

Let me tell you that after the terrible storm on Mars in June last year, Rover had stopped sending messages with Earth. The storm had a bad effect on the transmission of the rover. The final message of the solar-powered rover was received on June 10. At that time, NASA said that the robot’s sensor circuit was damaged. Wind reading is done from this same sensor circuit. However, the mission team has insisted that this is not a big problem. This will reduce some measurements, but this will not work.

NASA tried tirelessly to revive the rover. To restore its contact, NASA sent more than a thousand messages to Rover, but all attempts failed. Eventually, Ravar was not declared dead, and he was declared dead. It had been quiet for eight months.

This rover was prepared for a one-kilometer journey on the surface of the red planet. However, it has reached a record of 45 kilometers. Rover and earlier Twin Rover Spirit have given evidence of this saying that water flows on Mars. There is also the possibility of micro-organisms to grow here. Recently, this rover had collected and tested some of the samples of Mars rocks.