Microsoft, after 16 years, $ 4 billion more than the world's largest company, market cap Apple

Microsoft, after 16 years, $ 4 billion more than the world’s largest company, market cap Apple


San Francisco Behind Apple, Microsoft has become the world’s largest market cap company. Microsoft’s valuation stood at $ 851.2 billion (Rs 59.58 lakh crore) and Apple’s $ 847.4 billion (Rs 59.31 lakh crore) on Friday after the US stock market closed. For the first time since 2002, Microsoft has topped the market cap. Apple was at number one before the year 2012. Before that, Exxon Mobil was at the top.

Apple suffered a loss due to weak results

On Friday, Microsoft’s share price was $ 110.89 and Apple’s $ 178.58. In this week, Microsoft’s market cap in Intra-Day is more than Apple. But, the business came down from Apple when it was over.

Apple became the first American company to become a trillion-dollar company in August this year. However, its share declined by 16% in November. Apple’s July-September quarter results were not as expected by the analysts as the investors sold shares. The company announced that it would not release the sales figures for iPhones, iPads, and Macs from next time. Because of this also the stock had to suffer losses.

Microsoft’s share price tripled in 4½ years

Microsoft’s stock price has tripled in four and a half years after becoming CEO of Satya Nadella in 2014. Microsoft last month left Google’s parent company Alphabet in the market cap. The alphabet’s current valuation is $ 771.7 billion.

Microsoft had left Amazon on October 30. Amazon valued that day was $ 803.28 billion and Microsoft’s $ 821.05 billion. Amazon was ahead of Microsoft in April this year.