PS4 and PS VR games will receive improvements on PlayStation 5

PS4 and PS VR games will receive improvements on PlayStation 5


For now, Sony has not ruled on a future virtual reality peripheral for its PlayStation 5 console. However, with the PS4 console, there has already been a great effort on the part of the company to promote the development of this technology.

After the last online conference, the company confirmed that a large number of PS4 games will be compatible with the next-gen. In the same way, it was leaked on the official website of the console that Sony plans improvements to the PS4 and PS VR titles.

This was reported by several users in reset. Of course, it is not about all games but only a handful that have been selected by the company. What are the improvements that will come to the titles of the last generation and those of virtual reality?

Well, the filtration points out that it is an improvement in the frame rate so that these titles look much more fluid. As we mentioned before, Sony has not commented on the compatibility of the VR device to PS5, but the following is read on the same site: “compatible PS VR games”.

The question now is whether these titles of the last generation of consoles will benefit both speeds in the loads with the solid-state hard drive of the new console.