Electric scooters are part of the rules of the road

Electric scooters are part of the rules of the road!


A few months ago, the government’s new electric scooter measures were announced. Now these have come into force. What will change for this kind of vehicle?

New regulations
In January 2019, a completely surreal scene was immortalized on video (see end of article) on the A86 motorway in Seine-Saint Denis (93). Indeed, a man was filmed rolling over 85 km / h on the handlebar of an electric scooter. The machine was a Dualtron Thunder scooter that could reach such speed thanks to its 5400 W twin engine.

These motorized personal transportation devices (PDUs) offer new ways to get around the city. However, their increasingly visible presence raises security issues and the Highway Traffic Act needed to evolve. In May 2019, the government declared that it wanted to put in place “specific regulations” concerning electric scooters. Finally, this regulation was finally put in place in the framework of Decree No. 2019-1082 of 23 October 2019 on the regulation of personal transport devices.

Not more than 25 km / h
Firstly, it should be noted that this regulation does not only concern electric scooters but also monoroues, gyropods and other hoverboards. Then these motorized PDAs are now considered a new category of gear. Thus, the new regulation prohibits manufacturers to offer vehicles exceeding 25 km / h, under penalty of a fine. It is also forbidden to travel on two such machines or to be towed by another vehicle.

The ban also applies to traffic on sidewalks. Nevertheless, users will be able to push their gear only if the engine is off. In town, electric scooters can ride on bike lanes or on lanes limited to 50 km / h. Nevertheless, they will be forbidden to move on the road outside the city.

The new regulation also concerns the age and the behavior of the users. Indeed, they must be at least 12 years old (18 in the case of the city of Paris) for self-service scooters. On the side, a vest or reflective equipment must be worn at night. Finally, if the wearing of the helmet is not mandatory, that of headphones is forbidden.