SpaceX launches Dragon Cargo Ship, Rocket Landing for the First Time Failed

SpaceX launches Dragon Cargo Ship, Rocket Landing for the First Time Failed

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Private spaceflight company SpaceX launched its uncrewed Dragon Cargo Ship on Wednesday for International Space Station (ISS), but unfortunately, he failed to land the rocket successfully. Through this cargo, Species was sending supplies science experiments and food to astronauts living at the International Space Station.

SpaceX commentator John Insprooker said, “We have done an excellent lift.” Falcon 9 rocket carrying cargo was launched at 1:16 pm from Cape Canaveral (Florida). It had 5,600 pounds, i.e. 25,00 kilograms of gear. This mission is NASA’s 16th mission of SpaceX, which is part of a long-term contract to deliver supplies in space.

The Dragon Cargo ship successfully reached the orbit (class), which was the primary goal of the launch, but the long part of the rocket did not make a secure landing on Cape Canaveral Landing Zone 1 land. Company CEO Alan Musk wrote on Twitter, “The grid in hydraulic pump stops, that’s why the Falcon could only land in the sea.” Musk also shared the video of a rocket landing on his Twitter account. He wrote, “The engine stabilized the rocket spin on time, due to which the Falcon could safely land safely in the water.”

This is the first time that SpaceX has failed to land the booster on the ground. Before this 12 times, SpaceX has successfully boosted the booster to the ground. Unloading the rocket on the ocean’s landing platform is a bit screwy, but SpaceX has succeeded in making the Falcon safe in the sea.

SpaceX is a private American space agency.
Alan Musk founded it on May 6, 2002.
Alan Musk is the current CEO of SpaceX.
The establishment of the agency aims to reduce the cost of the space transport and establish the human habitation on Mars house.
In spite of this space has created a series of Falcon Rockets.
In order to reduce the cost of space transport, SpaceX has incorporated re-usable rockets, which can be reused.
American Space Agency NASA has contracted with the private companies to send material for the ISS.