Water ice on Moon’s pole confirmed for the first time

Water ice on Moon’s pole confirmed for the first time


Moon – this word itself has a magic in it, isn’t it? Moon is a friend for all the lonesome out there on Earth who loves to share and talk with it when they are all alone and need someone by their side. Moon has given a title for being an inspiration for the poets and writers who frame their words under the Moon’s light. They find it quite romantic and love to spend time within its lap.

Here was a short attractive note about the Moon’s beauty to drag your attention towards the serious note that has recently arrived- researchers have found water ice on its surface, in short, they expect to have life on it. Earlier we read about having life on Saturn I guess? Well, let’s see what’s new today. Scientists have proved the latency of the frozen stuff on the terrain around the lunar North and South poles. Yeah, you can say it can be a good revelation for everyone who was anxiously waiting to see the ray of hope for mankind restoration on the Moon. Some of the studies were contrived by NASA’s Moon Mineralogy Mapper (M3) gadget which allowed the first Chandrayaan spacecraft to Abroad, which read Earth’s adjoining neighbours from its orbit from November 2008 to August 2009. After a few pieces of ice sitting at the shoal of the top water would perhaps be accessible as a resource for the future caravan to survey and make stay possible over Moon, which is quite difficult to even imagine also.

NASA officials wrote in its testimony from the previous conclusion that indirectly erect feasible signals of surface ice at the lunar South Pole, which could have been further elucidating by other paradox as well. Life on the moon would be eventually very divergent to analyse than that to be on Earth. Moon is a harsh concubine; it has no atmosphere, no weather, no ocean nothing for survival. Just on a study basis, we can’t conclude it’s safe enough to imagine life over there but yes if such hope has been examined then it would rather find out ways and more clues to make it possible in future. Moon’s gravity is only one-sixth that of the Earth.

We are all like the bright Moon, who still has the darkest side. We never know when it can turn fair enough to twinkle. In the dark, there is fear, But there is always a hope.