The world is hot of global warming, why is it getting cold

The world is hot of global warming, why is it getting cold


As the world is becoming hot with the influence of global warming, the winter season is getting more cold. But at a time when temperatures in the US are falling below zero degrees, many people are raising the question that when the world is getting warm, why are the winters getting more cold?

Those who are shocked by this, they include American President Trump. He tweeted on January 28, “The temperature is expected to reach the lowest record temperature (-51 degree Celsius) in the mid-west with snowy winds, and it is likely to be cold. What has happened to global warming? Come on; we need you! “

The answer can only be obtained if we understand what the difference between local weather and climate is? Does climate mean that the weather of someplace remains a long time? While the weather is called the temperature of that place in the shortest time, the rains occurring there and the cold or heat falling there.

The New York Times wrote to President Tremp as an example to look better, “Weather means how much money is in your pocket, while climate means how much money do you have?” In such a case, a billionaire who forgets his purse one day does not become poor. Just like a poor man if he gets a few hundred dollars suddenly, he suddenly becomes not rich. In this case, the meaning is what is happening in the long run. In such a situation, if someday is colder than average days, the whole world can be warmer than average.

As an example, in December 2017, when the temperature in most parts of America was 9 to 17 degrees less than the average, the average temperature in the whole world was 0.7 degrees Celsius against the average temperature of 1979-2000.

Now the temperature does not go to the level of several in winter
When meteorologists estimate that the world can be warm and they believe that the world’s average temperature is increased by 1 to 4 degrees by the end of this century, they predict rising temperatures based on emissions of greenhouse gases. But that does not mean that the winter is completely over. Even then, the minimum temperature will remain. Just that it will not happen so often.

According to a study in 2009, the maximum temperature was found in the US in 1950 at the same time as the minimum temperature was found. But by 2000, the maximum temperature was two times as compared to the minimum temperature. At such times too, the temperature goes up to the minimum, but it is decreasing.

This is the reason for being too cold
It has been seen in recent years that due to the polar vortex, the weather gets terrible. This cold wind is a cyclone, which comes on the poles and the temperature goes down from zero to several degrees. Increasing signs have been observed that this polar vortex is now mostly being formed outside the Arctic. And the reason for this is jet streams. Which contributes significantly to keeping the weather warm. Because of these winds, the Arctic is constantly heating up, and the polar vortex is moving towards the south has reached the US; this time, with the temperature dropping to minus several degrees in the US.

American President Trump has consistently denied the dangers of climate change, but in some places where his property is located, he also accepts it. He has decided to build a wall on the sea in his golf resort located in Ireland and poses a threat to global warming in the app sent for its construction.

More than 100 tweets made on global warming
Trump has been continuously showing the habit of rejecting global warming on his Twitter too. And since 2011, they have tweeted more than 100 times this time. Before becoming the President of America, he had described the Jawaiya changes as a lie. In 2018, he was said to be withdrawing from this claim, “I do not think that it is a lie. I also feel a difference. But I do not think it is a human being born?”

Although the US government and the scientific community have agreed that human activities are the main reasons behind global warming.