The Biggest Obstacle for Humans Traveling to Mars

The Biggest Obstacle for Humans Traveling to Mars


Tuesday is the creativity of many astronomical companies in the world, including NASA of the United States. In particular, our earth is rapidly losing the ecological environment of life due to human activities and environmental impacts. Thus, the next asylum of man is the continuity of the continuation of arguments and projections of one of the Earth’s or Earth’s or Planets, or Mars. In August 2012, NASA was conducting a research laboratory called Curiosity rover, a mobile laboratory for Mars, to add strength to such discussions and forecasts.

NASA scientists are hopeful that astronauts will be able to land on Mars by 2039. Mars plans to send astronauts to Mars for a long time in the top priority list.

The surveillance information has now emerged as one of the surveys revealed. The possibility of cancer is estimated to be twice as likely to reach the planet than Mars.

From November 2011 to August 2012, a study concluded that Mars is 1,000 times more radiation than Earth’s radiation.

The radiation is a major obstacle to Mars or may cause serious damage to astronauts’ stomach and intestines, resulting in longstanding problems.

Nutrition or absence of cancer can be experienced by astronauts who have problems with their death. Winny radiation is one of the most harmful forms.

The purpose of this experiment is to find the deepest space astronauts will face any kind of dangers.

Rats exposed to ions have failed to absorb nutrients, forming antibiotics properly, and it has shown signs of increasing number of cells. The mice were limited to a limited amount of dose, but the damage appeared to be permanent.

Researchers have discovered that exposure to ionospheres may cause damage to brain tissue and aging.

Dr. Kamal Dutta, a leading scientist at Nassau’s special research center at Georgetown University, said current technology defends harmful energy to radiation.

Short travels that travel to the moon will not be damaged in this way. A real concern is the danger of a long journey like Mars or long-range space missions. Use of drugs to counteract radiation effects – but the technology has not yet been developed. It is important to understand these effects in advance and create security for future astronauts.

Humans and animals on earth are protected from the destruction of the ions in the atmosphere.

NASA has mobilized billions of resources for Mars life. Expert aliens say “there are extraterrestrial inhabitants.” It will be detected in the next 10 years.

Its long-term goal is to send a man to Mars in the 2030s.

The private space agency ‘Space X’ has been announced for the first time to take tourists to the moon.