US elections: Democrats get ahead of mid-term elections

US elections: Democrats get ahead of mid-term elections


In the survey before the mid-term elections in the US, the Democrats have been looking for an edge. According to the survey, Democrats have maintained their lead in the war for the House of Representatives, but Republicans can benefit from an increase in the positive rate of the economy.

The Washington Post-ABC News has released a National Survey report before the elections on November 6, which found that registered voters preferred Democrats to the House compared to Republican candidates. The voters gave the Democrats 50 and 43 percent of the Republican votes.

The survey said that Democrats have an increase of 51 to 44 percent among voters. However, there is no way to check national numbers in the district-level district contest, and it will be decided in January 2019 who will capture the House of Representatives. Democrats need 23 seats to increase the occupation of the House of Representatives.

Improve the position of the trump

Meanwhile, the ratings of President Donald Trump’s acceptance has reached 40 percent, which remains steady in comparison to a survey conducted in October, while his rating in August was 36 percent.