NASA tests 'supersonic' parachute for Mars mission, create record

NASA tests ‘supersonic’ parachute for Mars mission, create record


‘Supersonic Parachute’ set for the NASA Mars Mission 2020, created by the US space agency, NASA’s world record. According to NASA, after the launch of the rocket, the parachute became active in the fortnight of the second and kept the world record with 37 thousand kilograms of load. This supersonic parachute will play an important role in NASA’s highly ambitious 2020 Mars mission, in which it will act as a landing on the surface of Mars.

The US space agency said that in less than two minutes after the launch of the 17.7 meters long Black Brent IX Sounding Rocket, a payload of it separated and came back through the Earth’s atmosphere. It was said in the statement that when the sensor kept in the plane determined that the payload has reached the appropriate height (38 km height) and Mac number 1.8, the payload has given the parachute. This parachute was fully spread within the four-fourths of a second.

According to NASA, according to the speed of opening this parachute with this size, it was the fastest process in history. This parachute has been made from nylon, tenor and Kevlar fibers. Soundproof rockets are being tested in a series of Advanced Supersonic Parachute Infusion Research Experiment (Aspire) project by Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), which is preparing parachutes used on Mars 2020 missions. NASA will launch heavy equipment under the Mars 2020 campaign on Mars, in which this parachute will be used.