Call of Duty Warzone reaching 62.7 million players

Call of Duty Warzone reaching 62.7 million players


Call of Duty Warzone is proving that the COD and “free” formula works perfectly. The Battle Royale continues to grow in its user base and there are already 62.7 million players that it receives on its servers.

The figure has grown 159% since the last report in March, where they already boasted of a base of more than 35 million players. The success, even for such a well-known series, is incomparable with other installments in such a short time.

Infinity Ward seems not to have everything under control since they have already banned more than 70,000 hackers in the game, they have caused complaints from users, mainly those of PS4, Xbox One, towards the adopted system of PC crossplay in Warzone.

Even so, the game continues to be broadcast and even played by world-famous and personalities. The validity of the franchise is renewed with new titles such as the latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered, which brought cosmetic elements to Warzone.

The success of the video game contrasts with the little reaction that Infinity Ward has had with the aforementioned cheaters, and gives the possibility that a success of this nature has taken them by surprise.

Call of Duty Warzone can be downloaded for free on PC, PS4 and Xbox One; however, if you have the 2019 Modern Warfare game, you can share the progress of its multiplayer mode, since they are part of the same game.

Despite this, the future of Call of Duty is still unclear, at least for this year. The coronavirus pandemic could delay Treyarch’s next title, which many already believe would be based on Vietnam and the Cold War.

On the other hand, the success of Warzone could mean a perfect safeguard to maintain the income generated by the COD saga, in case a new title has to be delayed, something that has never happened since 2005.