Trump started to become President again, election campaign

Trump started to become President again, election campaign


US president Donald Trump once again started his election campaign in Florida for the Presidential election to be held in the year 2020. He enthusiastically said at least 20,000 people that the world’s economy burns with the US economy. At the same time, he warned that opposition Democrats want to ‘waste’ the country.

Trump said from a large number of people present in Orlando, Florida, “We have done once, and we are going to do it again, and this time we are going to finish work.” He said the world is jealous of our economy. American leaders are trying to increase jobs so that the people are happy to give them a second term.

Trump said, ‘We are going to make America a great one more time again. We will make him better than before. And so today I am standing in front of you for the official start of your campaign for the second term as the President of the United States. “

They said, our fundamentalist Democrats are full of opposition hatred, prejudices, and anger. We know that they want to ruin you and they want to ruin our country. Florida is very important for the election of 2020 for trump.