Huawei cuts production of the P30 and Mate 30 series

Huawei cuts production of the P30 and Mate 30 series


Huawei will distribute fewer cell phones than anticipated, affecting its entire portfolio, including models that are still to be launched this year.

The Chinese firm, hit by the blockades of the United States, has ordered the production cut of the Huawei P30 family and the Mate 30 family, the latter not yet announced but forecast for the end of the year, possibly for October or November. The information comes from the DigiTimes site.

The report assures that the production cut of the P30 and Mate 30 is a continuation of the first cut to the production of the cell phones in the mid and low range that began in May of this year. The reduction of the high-end started this month, says DigiTimes.

Information from the Asian medium comes in the same week that Ren Zhengfei, CEO of Huawei, said the company estimates a loss of US $ 30,000 million in revenues this year and forecasts to sell some 60 million cell phones less than anticipated.

The production cut affects the Huawei P30 family launched at the beginning of the year and highly decorated – especially in the Pro model – for its excellent quality camera; but the cut would also affect cell phones that have not been announced, as is the Mate 30 family. The Mate line is characterized for being larger and productivity-focused cell phones and ready to compete with the new Samsung Note and the new iPhone of Apple that is presented in August and September of each year, respectively.

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