Trump has done two months back, Jim Mattis resign, Shanahan will be the new Defense Secretary

Trump has done two months back, Jim Mattis resign, Shanahan will be the new Defense Secretary


American President Donald Trump announced on Sunday that Patrick M. Shanahan will be the new Defense Secretary of the United States. He will hold the post on January 1. Let the current defense secretary Jim Mattis resign recently in protest of the trump decision to withdraw troops from Syria. Mattis had expressed his desire to step down from February 2019, although Trump has already discharged two months ago.

And the Trump tweeted to announce the appointment of Shanahan, “I am happy to announce that Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan to January 1, 2019, will assume the post of Executive Secretary of Defense.” He wrote further, “Deputy Defense Secretary And before that, Shanahan has done a great job as a Boeing. “

Mattis had announced to resign on Thursday. Is believed to be Mattis decision Trump recently has been taken due to disagreement with the decision taken in which Trump had talked of recalling fighting Islamic State over 2 thousand US troops in Syria. Also to be ignored by NATO reductions and Donald Trump in the number of soldiers clear that Mattis Afghanistan his resignation and was upset to suspect the deployment of troops in Asia.

In his resignation, Mattis wrote that he could not tolerate Trump’s attitude about US foreign policy.

In his resignation, Mattis has not only mentioned the reason for resignation but also warned of the dangers coming. They have also criticized Trump’s reluctance to face Russia and take a tough stand against China. Mattis wrote, “I think we should firm up and clarify our approach to countries whose strategic interests are increasing tension with us.”

Mattis wrote that countries like China and Russia want to shape the world in line with their rights model so that they can promote their interests at the expense of their neighbors, America, and our partners. He wrote, “America remains indispensable in the world. We can not protect our interests without retaining our strong alliances and without respecting those colleagues.”