Researchers discover the link between Alzheimer's disease and eye

Researchers discover the link between Alzheimer’s disease and eye

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An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind. What are you all thinking? About your eyes? Yes, they speak a lot, they reveal every hidden thing. Are eyes everyone’s favourite organ I guess? Then why you people are not protective towards it? Where you should take care of it the most, you are decorating it with many artificial things which may harm its natural lenses. You know your eyes can show the full story running inside your body to doctors. Anything phenomenon in the eye may relate to what’s happening in the brain, an addendum of the central nervous system also depends on it as well.

There was no simple way to detect Alzheimer’s disease previously but now scientists have initiated that eye conditions can cater to new lens screening for this disease. They made a study over 3877 patients and come up with a denoting link between 3 degenerative eye diseases- age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy glaucoma and Alzheimer’s disease. This all problems may doer to memory loss or may create other symptoms of a cognitive slump. But please we can and stay focused on our thoughts what we are up to. We are not sharing this to dismay you people about having Alzheimer’s in your eyes, but it’s a high time to stay concerned about it in advance also. We are arduous to make you guys receptive from flourishing senility for these eye circumstances, over the 5 years of study we have found total 792 cases against this Alzheimer’s disease that has got diagnosed by a bureau of dementia adroit.

What we actually erect was not subtle – said Dr Paul Crane of UW School of Medicines. He also stated- This debate stiffen mechanistic stuff can learn from brain just by staring at the eyes of a patient. Anything proceeding in the eye may depict to what’s happening in the brain? For fitter forbearing of neurodegeneration in the eye and the brain could bring more boom in pronouncing Alzheimer’s at an early stage for better progress.

No object is mysterious, the mystery is in your eyes itself.