Tanner Collins had one-sixth of his brain removed to extract a tumour and stop his seizures

Tanner Collins had one-sixth of his brain removed to extract a tumour and stop his seizures


It is nowadays very common among the kids and people in between 25-40 of their age to come in contact with this 2 dangerous diseases- Cancer & Tumour. They are not from hereditary; we can’t give an output for this- from where it is caused or how it happened? All we need to take care is about our surrounding, hygiene and diet. We know if also we stay concerned about our health and stay fit if something is aimed to happen, it will occur for sure – after all things are destined. We can’t avoid our destiny (good or bad), at least we should face it with great agony. We don’t fail by luck, we fail by efforts.

No parents can overhear this, what the doctor said about his son Tanner Collins, a boy at the age of 6 was suggested to remove his 1/6th part of the brain for future safety. This was the only way to get rid of a brain tumour to stop seizures at its young age. Doctors will never guide you off track 90 %, but yes 10% are still there who keeps their idea of benefit first rather than the patient’s life. Tanner’s father said – an expanding tumour was creating seizures often, for which they gave him prescribed medicine for it, but it was not resulting in good efforts as before. They were very anxious and got worried after knowing the part of the brain which surgeons were going to remove was- right occipital and posterior temporal lobes (parts which play a major role in the brain for recognising a person). But we should hats off to that 6-year boy and his parent’s faith in us, they were strongly ready to undergo with this surgery at University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre Children’s Hospital. Surgery was successful, the child was asked to recognise his parents, at first when Tanner opened his eyes he looked confused, he was observing the whole room – where he was being treated, then he perfectly spoke up- “hey mum and dad I am absolutely fine”. These words from his mouth right after the surgery gave relief to his parents as well as doctors. He then got a discharge from the hospital within a week.

Marlene Behrman claimed – Tanner to be the 1st paediatric patient over the previous several years of his practice. He marked his words by saying- It was not only just a miracle but also quite shocking to believe that after evacuating the main parts of the brain surgically, a person is able to perceive everyone easily. Tanner turned 12 and was invaded to 7th Std. Though he was not allowed to play contact sports, he happily adores playing volleyball, tennis, chess and love’s to swim. He says- I aura that am a normal kid savouring the world proudly. His passion was to become “A neurosurgeon “.

Kids are the gift of GOD; they will never be punished by him. Yes, things can become complicate for them but never be harsh. They are the blessing to parents who are gem by their deeds.

GOD never closes the door, until he kept open 1 best for you.

Have faith, love.