33 dead in Congo due to Ebola

33 dead in Congo due to Ebola

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As we have earlier discussed this disease Ebola, that how it spread and from where it is spread. Today it has spread to many countries from 1 country. This spread needs to be stopped as soon as possible; it will be only possible with our scientists who can find out the right antidote for it. Once the medicine or antidote is ready, we can get control over it. Till then we need to stay safe, and stay alert. This all also gets affected by climatic weather change in forecast, nowadays nature has been so much polluted and has been harmed that, it is giving us back in this form by changes in weather, food, etc. which results in illness.

Ebola virus flares up in the democratic republic of Congo, which has slaughter 33 peoples, this report was mentioned by World Health Organization WHO on Sunday.

According to WHO there are 33 doubtful cases in North Kivu that are still running imminently in labs to analysis to approve or to expel Ebola virus disease. 3 workers at health care center got affected by this, among which 2 laborers died. 43 shaky cases of Ebola are in question. Within which 13 got confirmed by lab testing by WHO. This is extended through 5 health zones in North Kivu Province and 1 health care zone from Ituri Province, which further lead to mien geographical and political disputes. Ministry of WHO and partners are employed to authorize the full length and breadth of this crash that has created a huge disturbance in every country day by day.

This related to state, country, village, wildlife, health, medication etc. are not always fully depends on government, in some part, it depends on us as well. Government do play a vital role in every situation but we as a citizen also lack in many places. If we are not dedicated and stable at our place how can we ask the government to pay attention towards it?

Life starts with Us,

And we start with our mind.

Wake up and be a proud citizen.