Harvard just busted the myth that coconut oil is good for you or not can’t proof yet it’s the pure form of poison


We shouldn’t judge things before accepting and trying it. We should at least try ounces every product that keeps upgrading as per the time. So that we justify the outcome of it at different levels. We, as humans, are always stocked with lots of thoughts going in our mind, we never stick to one. And when we finalize 1 the other new is yet ready to rock the market. Well, changes are part of life and it keeps on elaborating.

Harvard made some dubious comments concerning about the coconut oil in his lectures that got assigned in Social media’s and YouTube. During his lectures Michel made herself very clear by saying – coconut oil is not healthy but yet not so poisoned. Its superior food prestige had already come under surveillance last year only, after the American Heart Association (AHA) amend its guidelines. Yet there’s no study yet revealing the fact against it till date, but WHO exhibit symbolic health benefits to coconut oil-devouring. There was a time when people were literally making the coconut oil by themselves from the pure extract of coconut which is not available now in cities and states. In the village area you can still find. Coconut oil was pure when it was made by hands of mother’s and elders it not only provide strength to hairs and body but also make you strong from inside. There were no side effects of it, when used for cooking. Now it has been chemically mixed essence to give it a adore and make it look pure hence it is not original as before, but yes not so harmful either.

As per the time, we can take it as a replacement for Olive oil, which is good to consume and has no side effects. Good for controlling cholesterol and other harmful fats, it’s least sticky and contains a balanced amount of protein and vitamin. We don’t force you to accept our talks until and unless you yourself get satisfied by their consumption. Hence we can just request you to try it once, give it a chance to be your family member for a while. If you find it friendly and good for health don’t hesitate to accept it or replace it with old one.

The replacement doesn’t mean to disrespect it, it’s a form of change to accept it and allow it to be a part of your life.

Once you replace or try to replace the old version with the new one, you will definitely start loving the new one.

It just needs a chance to be get examined. Accept the change for a while, don’t deny it. It’s totally your choice to accept it or to avoid it.