Russian President Putin does not use mobile for fear of surveillance

Russian President Putin does not use mobile for fear of surveillance


It’s not possible to not have a smartphone in today’s time. But Russian President Vladimir Putin does not use mobile phones for fear of surveillance. Government spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Putin received information from the internet and other sources rather than using mobile. He noted that the mobile could become a threat to the big leader because it keeps the fear of ending their privacy. He said that as a source of information there are other means like newspapers, television and the internet. They have quality.

Surfing yourself on computer
A government spokesman told that the President can surf the computer himself. He said that as far as I know, they do not have cell phones. He said that no source or media of information for the President is reliable; instead he always seeks inquiry of the information received. They traditionally gather information from the internet and TV.

Use of printouts for information
Pescov said that the information was collected through the printout for President Putin. There are also files with printouts. This includes printed and digital data.

Smartphone means full transparency
Pescov said that the use of smartphones means that there is complete transparency. He said that information about all types of confidential matters can be taken with what is now being done through mobile. Apart from this, he said that when you start using the smartphone, you agree to make your matters public. He said that the President of the country can not afford it.

Use iPhone
Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Donald Trump use Apple’s iPhone. At the same time, Trump has two iPhones, one of which he uses to call and tweet on the use of the other. At the same time, former US President Barack Obama has been using the BlackBerry smartphone for a long time. This smartphone was specially designed for them. Obama’s blackberry smartphone was neither camera nor microphone nor GPS.

Use Blackberry
German Chancellor Angela Merkel uses the Blackberry Z10 At the same time North Korean dictator Kim Jong uses HTC Butterfly.