North Korea will be shown to the United States, and the nuclear threat is over the world

North Korea will be shown to the United States, and the nuclear threat is over the world


In the case of nuclear disarmament, North Korea has once again stabilized the United States. North Korea says it will not abandon its nuclear weapons while taking unilateral action. North Korea wants that America first eliminates the nuclear threat from its top.

This statement came on behalf of the official news agency of Korea on Thursday. This statement has become clear that North Korea will not leave its insistence on nuclear weapons so easily. It also makes it clear that stalemate is still underway for nuclear disarmament between the US and North Korea.

Such statements from North Korea have once again threatened the peace of the world, and especially the Korean Peninsula. It also draws the suspicion that whether North Korean leader Kim Jong will be able to forge a fierce battle for those deadly weapons, which he considers the basis of his existence.

Let us know that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump had met in Singapore on June 12 this year. The two leaders talked about the complete nuclear disarmament of the Korean Peninsula. However, there was no deadline for this.

The talks between the United States and North Korea have been stuck since June. North Korea says that before the complete nuclear disarmament, the restrictions imposed on him in the US led him to be removed.

On one side, where Donald Trump and Kim Jong are being expected to meet with him, on the other hand, information from American satellites is continuously opening North Korea’s pole. In the latest case, once again, through the photographs taken by the American satellite, there is a place which is being described as a long-range missile base. It was so far hidden from the eyes of the world. American satellite has given its information for the first time. It is in the high hills in the far-flung terrain.

South Korean President Moon Jae-ins say that US President Donald Trump, North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong has a very friendly view of them. If Kim disarms atom, then Trump will fulfill his every wish. Trump and Kim had a historic summit in Singapore in June. In this, Kim demanded protection from US and relief from international sanctions in exchange for nuclear disarmament.

Moon told reporters, “There was a meeting with my President Trump, other than the G-20 Summit in Argentina. Trump has asked to send his message to Kim. He has expressed hope of fully implementing the agreement with Kim in Singapore. When this happens, he will fulfill all the wishes of Kim.