E-vehicles will be used in charging stations Japan and China's technology

E-vehicles will be used in charging stations Japan and China’s technology


After selecting one of the Japanese and Chinese charging technology for electric vehicles, the government has directed the public charging stations to install both platforms. At the same time, the situation of suspicions of months was over, due to which delay in the purchase of electric vehicles from Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL) was delayed.

However, this decision may increase the cost of charging stations. Experts say that the need to limit the plugs and communication protocols connecting the charger from the battery to reduce the cost.

Between the strong lobby on both sides, India has long been trying to create a standard format for charging. The central government had planned to increase the demand for electric vehicles in the next two years and buy such 20,000 cars, but lack of clarity on the charging protocol has pulled out the plan.

The government had entrusted EESL with the responsibility of buying electric cars used in government departments across the country. However, EESL withdrew the tendering purchase of 10,000 electric sedans earlier this year. Expecting in the standard, foreign automakers are expected to come to the country.

EHS Managing Director Saurabh Kumar said, “If the guidelines are allowed for all types of charging specifications, then I think that this would be an excellent step. This will help the manufacturer to bring more range cars in the country, because the cars which are already in India, apparently will not carry them.

Foreign automakers will also be allowed to participate in the tender

The EEL, which withdrew the tender of 10,000 cars, had the provision that 20 percent of the cars would be from the luxury category. So far, only Tata Motors and Mahindra & Mahindra are making electric sedan cars in the country. In such a situation, foreign automakers such as Nissan, Kia Motors will also be allowed to participate in the tender.

International Standard CCS and CHAdeMO

Existing International Standard is CCS and CHAdeMO, which most of the world’s global manufacturer uses at the global level. Therefore, public charging stations will have to install one or more kiosks/boards of all charger models. The power ministry had issued these guidelines on Friday.

In these guidelines, the technical parameters of the Slow and Fast Variety of CCS, CHAdeMO, and Bharat platform have been reported. CHAdeMO is a charging platform that uses Japanese automakers such as Suzuki and Toyota. At the same time, 15 of the 20 major OEMs in the world have been promoted to the Combined Charging System (CCS).