Netflix introduced a new feature called mystery box

Netflix introduced a new feature called mystery box


Netflix worldwide has launched its new feature Mystery Box, which will provide a “safe and enjoyable” place for kids to find new shows or movies available on Netflix.

The company has a range of choices for suggesting content in the app, like “Trending Now and “Top 10 Movies Today” suggestions lists.

It has also created a particular function to recommend content to minors. Netflix introduced its Mystery Box as a new tool that functions similarly to the shuffle function. However, it only appears in the child profile.

The Mysterious Box recommends kids’ content that is available in various formats that are constantly changing and sourced from Netflix’s library of adult-oriented content.

The platform is designed to provide an “enjoyable and personal” experience that will “connect children to the stories that shape their lives.” To access The Mystery Box, look under the “Favorites” row on the child’s profile.

Aside from being striking and bright, the design focuses on a sketch of the characters so that kids “connect with their characters more naturally and creatively” with the surfaces of the films and series, according to TJ Marston, the Director for Innovation at Products, TJ Marston.

The announcement was made in May 2022. But it’s currently accessible to all users of Android devices across the globe.