Report, Nearly 4,000 Disney Employees At Risk Of Job Loss In April 2023

Report, Nearly 4,000 Disney Employees At Risk Of Job Loss In April 2023


In an effort to cut costs, Disney CEO Bob Iger is said to have instructed executives to compile a list of roughly 4,000 employees to fire. Insider reported on Saturday, citing a source familiar with the company’s plans, that the managers have been instructed to submit their lists within the next few weeks and that the targeted employees will be eliminated in April 2023.

In February 2023, Weave Iger reported that Disney would slice 7,000 positions as a component of a $5.5 billion expense cutting drive. After last year’s poor stock performance, the troubled company had been under pressure to strengthen its balance sheet from activist investors.

About 4,000 of the 7,000 positions that will be eliminated from Disney’s current workforce will be for open positions that will no longer be filled. The remaining positions will not be filled. The report also stated that it is still unknown whether the layoffs will occur simultaneously or in several smaller rounds. Over 200,000 people work for Disney’s various businesses.

Iger stated that he intended to reduce operational expenses by $2.5 billion when the layoffs were first announced. Spending less on non-sports content would result in savings of $3 billion more.

Since Bob Iger’s return as Disney’s CEO in November 2022, the cuts are part of a larger turnaround effort. Under Bounce Iger’s bearing, Disney is revamping its business into three fragments – one zeroed in movie form, TV and streaming resources, one on the games media monster ESPN and one on the organization’s amusement stops and encounters.