Samsung prepares a flexible phone that doubles as a triptych

Samsung prepares a flexible phone that doubles as a triptych


Samsung may have delayed the launch of its Galaxy Fold, but that does not mean that it plans to abandon the business of folding phones.

The week of August 12 the Let’s Go Digital site unveiled a new patent in the name of Samsung in which a foldable phone with two folds stands out, that is, it can be folded like a triptych.

The phone, according to the images of the patent and the concepts created by the reliable European site, is as wide as a tablet when it is unfolded; but it is also extremely thin when folded, perhaps with a radius of 21: 9 (in the style of Motorola One Vision).

It is logical to think that Samsung is testing other folding phone designs after its Galaxy Fold, announced earlier this year, is soon to reach the market despite some delays due to problems on its screen. Once these problems are fixed, more phones of another type will surely arrive.

Samsung has in its possession patents of different designs of folding cell phones, but it is not the only one. Huawei is another example of a company interested in cell phone of this nature; Google, Motorola, Apple, and LG would also want to launch a foldable phone, and at least Motorola would do it this year.

The Galaxy Fold will go on sale this year and Huawei, the only company that has an officially announced folding phone, delayed the launch of the cell phone at the end of the year this week.