Video Analytics has now proven to be an excellent tool for enhancing surveillance

Video Analytics has now proven to be an excellent tool for enhancing surveillance


In the past few years, the crime rate has increased, as well as thefts and financial misconduct. Video analytics has made it more important to have proper security measures to combat these problems. Video analytics has proven its worth in this area. Security analysts and operators are increasingly using intelligent cameras for video surveillance. Global security agencies are moving towards advanced video espionage solutions based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. It allows remote monitoring and quick access to large amounts of data.

Face recognition technology is used to identify individuals by using facial features. This system can accurately identify people using photos and videos to estimate their identities in real-time. These systems use biometrics to depict or describe facial features by looking at a photo or video of the person. The next step is to compare the information with existing databases to find a match. Government institutions and commercial companies are rapidly adopting facial recognition technology to improve their efficiency. Airports around the globe use this technology to determine the true identity of passengers. International flights have a crew that screens passengers for customs and border protection to verify their identity.

Facial recognition technology can also be used to validate bank account information. Verint, Inc. developed an AI-based Real-Time Agent Assist program in 2021. These abilities provide organizations with a powerful tool for helping employees to complete their requests and improve the customer experience.

Many work environments are now equipped with video-analytics solutions that can be used to gain the right insights necessary for making decisions. China has made significant investments in facial recognition over the last few years. This technology is being used to create heat maps of customer movements. Video analytics is also being used to combat retail crime. NAORCA and Inpixon teamed up to fight against retail crime.

The video surveillance industry is growing at an incredible pace, and it’s expected to continue its rapid growth. The applications of this avant-garde technology go beyond perimeter intrusion detection and queue management.