NASA's Insight Yan took the first selfie on Mars

NASA’s Insight Yan took the first selfie on Mars


American Space Agency NASA’s Insight Yan has taken its first selfie on Mars using its robotic arm. This picture is a group of 11 small images. Insight’s decks, solar panels, and scientific instruments are showing. NASA says that Curiosity Rover, which was launched in 2012, used to take small photographs similar to those which were later added.

Insight Lander was launched in May this year to study the surface of Mars and its environment. It landed on Mars on November 26th. Two weeks later, scientists have found a large picture of the red house through it. It has been made up of 52 smallest photographs.

NASA's Insight Yan Selfie on Mars
NASA’s Insight Yan Selfie on Mars

By studying this, astronomers will be able to ensure that the measuring instrument measuring earthquake and heat flow in the insight is not deployed on the surface of the red planet. These two instruments work better on flat ground. As a result, Insight has been launched in the low rocky terrain of Mars, in Elysium Planitia.

Bruce Bennett, chief investigator of the Insight Mission, said, “This area has been better than our estimates. It is good for our equipment not to be of stones, cliffs, and mountains in this area. With this, we will be able to dig through the land there. ‘