US intelligence mission, the secret of the Titanic discovery

US intelligence mission, the secret of the Titanic discovery

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In the year 1912, there was a big disclosure about the vast and luxuriously rich Titanic ship that was immersed in the sea. Before disclosing this, let me tell you that the ship was submerged in the water during the first visit to the ice rocks. Years later, in 1985, the picture of this ship, which was submerged in front of the world for the first time, was revealed. In fact, during this time its debris was discovered. But now the biggest disclosure has been made about this fact. According to the CNN report, there was a thoughtful move behind this that the US had coined.

Top secret mission

CNN has quoted Titanic, in search of sea explorer Robert Ballard, that the mission was completely decalcified. According to him, this missile mission was completely top secret. But Titanic had nothing to do with this mission. Actually, this entire mission was about the capacitance of the American atom submarine in the foothills of the sea, which was to recover at all times. But until the beginning of the mission, America did not know that its information has been made to the world. To cover this mission, a move to find Titanic was gone. Let us know that all the information related to it is in Washington’s National Geographic Museum.

Responsibility is given to them

In addition to being the Commander of the Ballard Navy, who heads the mission, there is also a scientist related to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. According to him, on behalf of the US Navy, he was tasked to explore two submarine USS Threshers and USS Scorpio, which was submerged in 1960. This fund was provided to them only. After this mission, however, he had to search for Titanic, for which he was tasked with the US Navy. According to the English newspaper, he knew about where the American submarine could be found. Apart from this, America was also sensitive about both Submarine because nuclear weapons and nuclear reactors were present on it. It is also a threat to marine life.

Hiding story
Ballard said that Titanic was presented with a large cover story to cover the search for Submarine, but he himself was completely ignorant of this American move. According to them, after 12 days of finding both the submarine in the deep sea, they started searching for Titanic. In the depths of about 12 thousand feet in the North Atlantic, they did this work very well. When he first saw the first glimpse of Titanic in the foothills of the sea, his happiness was not known. It was a difficult task, but they did this very well. He had also completed his second mission.

America has succeeded in its move
The biggest advantage of this discovery in America was that of what they thought. Seeing the news of Titanic’s discovery, the whole world spread like a fire and the world’s attention was completely removed from the search for Submarine. After this discovery, the New York Times printed a number of such stories in which the submarine search was denied on behalf of the senior officials. According to Navy spokesman Captain Brent Baker, the discovery of Submarine at that time was only conducted to test the oceanographic system. They also denied the involvement of scientists in it. According to Ballard, he never talked about this mission to anyone before. That’s why this mission has so far remained the top secret.