India Plan to send a human in space, get opportunity to common man

India Plan to send a human in space, get opportunity to common man

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According to the plan, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) will send its first human mission in space in December 2021. This human mission will not only be a scientist, but also an ordinary citizen will get an opportunity to become part of this ambitious project. ISRO president Dr. K. Sivan told the BBC that the selection process would be done through the Indian Air Force. He said, “A common citizen will also be included in it, a lot depends on his ability to travel.”

This flight center will make preparations related to India’s first human mission. ISRO is preparing to send a team of three people in space. Dr. Unnikrishnan Nair has been made the head of this flight center and will be Dr. R. Hutton, director of the Gaganayan Project.

Prime Minister Modi announced

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced the Gaganayan project on Independence Day last year. Dr. Sivan says, “This year is in the list of top priority for the Gaganan Sanstha, we are planning to send our first uncrewed missile mission in December 2020. The second such plan will be completed in July 2021. The success of these two After that, the plan of the human mission will be completed in December 2021. “

In his announcement, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had spoken of sending humans in space till 2022. ISRO wants to realize this announcement by the Prime Minister before the start of 2022. Dr. Sivan says that ISRO wants that women should be sent in space.

He says, “We want people to go to a woman’s science in space, this is our goal. In my opinion, we will train both men and women, both the scientists, the Prime Minister, mentioned the brothers and sisters, we want to fulfill it. However, training and other things will be needed for this. ” Former ISRO chairman AS Kiran Kumar told BBC Hindi that the selection process would be needed. “In general, any common citizen can apply for it. There is a whole process of selection and training; it will be open to everyone.”


Dr. Sivan told that the space scientists would be trained in India first. After this, his advanced training will be in those countries, who have already sent humans to space, probably in Russia. It is expected from the human mission that it will develop a variety of techniques for different sectors of the country. Dr. Sivan says, “Gaganan will be an important hub for ISRO. So far, we were working in the field of engineering, in which Yan, crew module or Rocket launch were included.” According to Kiran Kumar, India must be included in the category of human mission senders in space, and it is a good thing that India is working in this direction.

Earlier in the year 2009, the Planning Commission had proposed to send human missions in space. Since then, ISRO has been working in this direction. ISRO has done many tests in this direction.