NASA discovers three new planets, even larger than Earth

NASA’s Exoplanet Survey in Transit Satellite discovered three new planets


“NASA discovers three new planets, even larger than Earth”

The NASA Transit Exoplanets Survey Satellite discovered three possible new planets, in which a star 40 percent smaller than the Sun orbits 73 light-years from it.

After the discovery, these were baptized as TOI-270b, c, and d, of which it is said that one of them is the size of the Earth and two are half of Neptune.

This system is exactly what the TESS was designed for: small, temperate planets that pass or pass in front of an inactive host star, which lacks excessive stellar activity, such as flares,” said Maximilian Günther, a researcher.

On the other hand, the expert assured that TOI 270 b would have a mass 1.9 higher than that of the Earth, unlike the others that are much larger.