Britain will send a 4-legged robot on the moon

Britain will send a 4-legged robot on the moon


It’s official, the English start-up SpaceBit has confirmed its intention to send its first rover on the Moon in 2021. A first for the United Kingdom.

To land on the moon is not easy. To date, only three countries have managed to do so: the United States, Russia and China. Recently, Israel and India each failed. It’s the turn of the UK to try its luck. The English start-up SpaceBit has just announced the signing of a contract with the American company Astrobotic.

Lunar landing planned for 2021
This company had received a few months ago a $ 79.5 million envelope from NASA to transport up to 14 of its instruments on the moon. Astrobotic was also authorized to deposit 14 payloads on behalf of other partners, including private companies. SpaceBit will be one of these partners.

The idea is to integrate in the lander developed by Astrobotic a small rover on all fours. The smallest ever deployed on our satellite. Once on the surface, the craft should travel a few meters, take pictures and record data that will then be returned to Earth. Takeoff planned in 2021.

SpaceBit decided to test this new mode of locomotion on the Moon (exit the wheels), to anticipate future explorations of the tubular caves created by the old lava flows. Remember that these structures, in case of permanent establishment, could offer astronauts protection against cosmic radiation and meteorite falls.

Hoping that this new attempt is successful. Regarding the Israeli mission of SpaceIL, remember that the main engine of the lander had failed during his descent to the moon. The mission controllers tried to restart it, but they ran out of time. The craft finally crashed in the open sea of ​​Serenity.

For its part, the Indian Space Agency also lost touch in early September with his lander Vikram, just before his landing, unable to confirm the success of the mission Chandrayaan-2. The machine seems to have crashed at the South Pole. And for the moment, he still does not answer calls.