China Chang'e-4 sent the picture of the far part of the moon

China Chang’e-4 sent the picture of the far part of the moon


China’s Chang’e-4 spacecraft, which landed on the moon, has sent the first picture showing the comprehensive view of the landing site. This information was given in news of official media on Friday. This is the first spacecraft to land on the furthest part of the Moon that never sees the Earth.

Increasing China’s morale to become the space superpower, Chang’an-4 landed in the distant part of the Moon on January 3 and became the world’s first spacecraft to reach the never-seen part of the natural satellite.

According to the news of the official news agency Xinhua, the Chinese National Space Administration (CNSA) released photos showing a huge 360-degree view taken from the camera on the top of the lender. It was reported in the news that these photos were sent from Quakyaio satellite. It was also stated that these photographs will help scientists to conduct an initial analysis of the natural forms of land and grounds surrounding the encroachment.