Hundreds of billions of dollars of annual loss from climate change: report

Hundreds of billions of dollars of annual loss from climate change: report

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A new report from the U.S. government has given severe warnings about climate change and its devastating effects, which states that by the end of the century, the economy will suffer a loss of hundreds of billion dollars. CNN’s report said that the federal compulsory study ‘Fourth National Climate Assessment’ was to be released in December, but President Donald Trump released it on Friday.

David Astrang, director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), said: “The average global temperature is rising very fast, and it is growing faster than anything experienced by modern civilization. , And the cause is human activities. ‘

According to the report, due to climate change the loss of hundreds of billions of dollars annually. The report said that due to excessive heat, in the south-east alone, probably 2100 half-a-billion workers will lose hours. Farmers will face extremely difficult situations. The quality and quantity of their crops in the entire US will fall due to high temperatures, drought, and flood.

Due to heat stress, the production of milk will fall from 0.60% to 1.35% in the next 12 years. Due to heat stress, in the year 2010, the industry has lost $ 1.2 billion. The report said that due to high temperatures, more people would die. Due to the high temperature alone in the Midwest, an additional 2,000 premature deaths have been estimated by the year 2090.

Dan Lashoff, director of the World Resources Institute, USA, said: “The message of this report is very strong, unambiguous and undeniable that climate change is happening and is growing rapidly.” Fierce fire in California indicates how climate change can lead to further harmful effects, which will affect more people, home and economy.

Lashof said, “We should believe in what we are seeing with our eyes, which is looking at the form of more intense forest fires, sea storms, floods, and heat waves. This is called climate change, and if we do not move towards a low-carbon economy faster then the situation will be worse. ‘

In this report, the main reason for the increase in temperature is the burning of fossil fuels. Richard Moss, senior research scientist visiting Columbia University’s Earth Institute, says, “The Trump administration should take this report of itself seriously and prevent climate pollution as well as bilateral measures to avoid the loss of life and financial loss You have to.