Robert Zubrin Intends to Open a New Mode of Human Civilization on Mars

Robert Zubrin Intends to Open a New Mode of Human Civilization on Mars


If one goes on to say that Robert Zubrin is only passionate about Mars, will be nothing more than an understatement because he is more than that. The aerospace engineer of 66 years has most of the part of his life not only in thinking about Mars but has also encouraged scientists to explore more about the planet.

It was in the year 1998 when Zubrin had co-founded The Mars Society, which was a non-profit organization and over the years, Zubrin has been extremely vocal for seeking the establishment of having a permanent settlement on the red planet of Mars.

Very recently, MACH from the NBC News had spoken to Zubrin about why is he so strong in his feelings about the fact that humans must consider to colonize Mars and also that NASA should not go on to build a lunar spaceport. He was even questioned about his personal involvement towards the exploration of Mars.

Zubrin had responded by saying that he has always believed humans to be more effective, when it comes to any kind of exploration, in comparison to the robots. Some of the most pertinent questions about Mars have been, the search for life on the planet, which have gone on in the past and they are also been asked at the present. He says that this is the primary reason why they have the interest to hunt for fossils and also in extinct life.

He said that at Mars Society, they have built up two Mars stations for practice, one lying in the desert of Utah and the other one exists in the Canadian high arctic.

He further went on to say that human beings must look towards settling on Mars, purely because of establishing a completely new branch of human civilization or different branches of human civilization. He believes that would help to add strength as well as energize the human culture. As far as the goal of Mars Society is concerned, Zubrin added that the society intends to take the issue of exploration and settlement in Mars at a deeper level.