Due to a cancer-causing substance, FDA recalls heart and blood pressure medicines

Due to a cancer-causing substance, FDA recalls heart and blood pressure medicines

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There is a change in every field so as in medicines, the colour, packing, etc. even sometimes the name but thing is same as they are given the alternative change to products for the same disease. Their functions and reactions are the same only the packing has been changed. For better consultancy, you can take help of your family doctors or any of the specialists. Some medicines nowadays are used to clout high Blood Pressure & forbid heart failure which leads to death. Food Drug Administration of US is watchful to healthcare professionals and patients for a voluntary recall of numerous drug products that comprise the active ingredient Valsartan (hydrochlorothiazide), which is used to titbit high Blood Pressure and heart failure.

This recall is due to a contaminant N- Nitrosodimethylamine (human Carcinogen- the substance that could cause Cancer). FDA announced a spontaneous recall of common heart drug with the active product of Valsartan. FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb said- FDA is committed to managing the gold standard for safety and efficacy which includes the efforts to check each & every medicine given to market for sale. They examine the manufactured medicine’s and take the whole responsibility for it if any medicine gives bad result is immediately ordered to stop the production and sale of it to the market.

Dr. Janet Woodcock director of FDA centre said- we have evaluated the Valsartan as highly enclosed medicine to be sold in the United States under specific companies to take some serious action against them, as they are selling those products without any knowledge which can be harmful in future for all of us.

N- Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) is a first organic chemical which is used to make rocket fuel, softeners & other lubricants those can create a chemical reaction in the laboratory is used. Which is also a by-product from a pesticide that helps in making rubber tyres or fish processing which was previously tried with animals showed a result – NDMA can provoke the growth of a tumour present in liver, kidney or the respiratory system. Nothing seems to be simple in life. Everything in this world has 2 different meaning; every side’s as both positive and negative impact on studies. Can help you by saying whatever you take whatever you accept, accepts it with proper knowledge for future safety. Natural forces in us are the actual healers of every disease.