Google added New AMP feature in Gmail for Interactive Emails

Google added New AMP feature in Gmail for Interactive Emails


Google’s e-mail service Gmail will now be seen in a new dynamic look These big changes will appear in your Gmail inbox Supports reports that by adding this new AMP feature you will be able to use your inbox as a web. In this new technology, Google will show you the Inbox like any popular hotel listings or form filling portals. Which will make it even more user-friendly. Google has started rolling it out to the Web. You will also be able to access it on a smartphone. Come on, know about this new AMP feature

Google uses this new AMP technology in its search engine, with the help of which any page takes a very short time to load into a mobile device. The company is now also using its technology in Gmail on its e-mail platform.

According to Google’s official blog, if you click any link in your inbox, a new tab is open. From today we are going to make Gmail more user-friendly and interactive. With this help you will keep your e-mail up to date, whenever you open Gmail’s inbox, you will get new messages. With this dynamic e-mail inbox, you will be able to open any message directly. From these boxes, you will be able to fill the quiz for any event, browse the catalogs, and even reply to the comments.

In the Gmail used for marketers with the help of Google AMP, the message can be personalized. Marketers will be able to add as many contents as possible to e-mail messages. The best part is that even after adding more content to this new technology the page will not be available. At the moment, this technology is in the first stage of Gmail. Later, other e-mail service providers can also use similar technology.