Chandrayaan 2 will lead NASA's laser devices to the moon

Chandrayaan 2 will lead NASA’s laser devices to the moon


India’s moon mission Chandrayaan-2 is about to be launched next month and will carry NASA’s laser equipment to the moon along with it. According to officials of the American Space Agency, this will help scientists to get accurate measurements of the distance to the Moon. During the moon and planetary science conference in the US last week, NASA had confirmed that the selected Chandrayaan two and the Israeli Yan Barrett would carry both NASA-owned laser retroreflector Array.

“We are trying to fill the entire surface with as much laser refactors as possible,”, quoted Lori Glaze, the caretaker director of the Planetary Science Department at NASA’s Science Mission Directorate.

RetroFlancers are refined mirrors that reflect the laser light signals sent from Earth. These signals can help detect the presence of the vehicle accurately, which scientists can use to assess the distance of the Moon from Earth accurately.