For Healthy Seniors, Risks Outweigh the Benefits Derived from Aspirin of Low Dose on a Daily Basis

For Healthy Seniors, Risks Outweigh the Benefits Derived from Aspirin of Low Dose on a Daily Basis


There are many healthy Americans, who take small tablets of aspirin every single day in order to reduce their risk of suffering from a heart attack or getting plagued by cancer or even possible dementia. Now the question arises, is taking an aspirin a really good option to adopt?

On Sunday, results had come out from a major study, which took place regarding the low dose of aspirin, which unfortunately turned out to be disappointing for older people, who were otherwise healthy.

A Geriatrician and Epidemiologist at Hennepin Healthcare in Minneapolis, Anne Murray, who had helped in leading the study, said that they had found no marked benefit for elderly people, who tend to depend upon aspirin tablets for a long period of time, so as to lead a healthy life.

The study had involved more than 19000 people, who were aged 65 years and older in the United States as well as in Australia. The results had got published in three papers on the New England Journal of Medicine.

Still, there is quite a strong evidence that low dose of aspirin on a daily basis might help all those people, who are younger than 70 years and have minimum 10 percent risk of suffering a heart attack, avoid heart attack from taking place or even stroke. This data is as per the latest recommendations, which came from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force.

In case of older people, who are healthy, the risks that arise out of consuming Aspirin tables on a daily basis tend to outweigh the benefits, which people can hope to garner out of taking the medicine in low doses.

The maximum involved with it is, it can result in bleeding. The study managed to confirm that a small aspirin tablet on a daily basis, increases the risk for very serious kind of bleeding, which could potentially be life-threatening in nature.

In a surprising manner, all those who took daily aspirin also appeared to die from having an increased risk of getting succumbed to cancer. So Dr. Evan Hadley of the National Institute on Aging said that older people must think twice before taking aspirin.