Apple 16-inch MacBook Pro has been officially announced

Apple 16-inch MacBook Pro has been officially announced


Apple has just officially announced its very first 16-inch laptop and it is also available immediately!

The announcement of the 16-inch MacBook Pro did not come as a complete surprise, because rumors had been circulating for months – but now it has finally been announced.

The new laptop has a design with thin screen edges and powerful hardware. In terms of design, the new MacBook Pro looks like the current models, but these screen edges are a bit smaller. The new design ensures that the screen is more filled with images, just like with the iPhone X (and newer) and the iPad Pro (2018).

An important difference between previous models is the keyboard. The 16-inch MacBook has a keyboard that is a lot less sensitive than the current butterfly keyboards of the MacBooks. This is because use is made of a so-called ‘scissor mechanism’. The current keyboards are vulnerable to dust and stick around quite quickly. The new keyboard is slightly thicker but this makes it more reliable.

The laptop also has six different speakers, which provides a deeper bass and more realistic sound. It is said about the new microphone that it is ‘40% less sensitive and that they have improved the signal-to-noise ratio. ‘

The new laptop is therefore immediately available and starts at € 2699 euros. For this you get the model with 512GB, a Touch Bar, an i7 processor and a Touch ID of the 9th generation. The most expensive model costs € 3199 and has 1 terabyte of internal memory.