Apple Watch: Apple could release a RED model in 2020

Apple Watch: Apple could release a RED model in 2020


The Apple Watch Series 5 could welcome a new color; the Red.

This is a rumor to be taken with tweezers. Our colleagues at Watch Generation indicate that they have discovered references to an Apple Watch Series 5 RED in an Apple database. One more color for the model currently available in space gray, gold and silver.

Currently, there are already RED bracelets, but here, it would mainly be about the case. The aluminum version of the Series 5 model would therefore inherit this color and name RED. A name which, as we recall, indicates that part of the profits generated by the sale of the product is reinvested in the fight against AIDS. A cause for which Apple has been mobilizing for 13 years.

The color of the case could be similar to that of the iPod Touch, a red that tends towards pastel, but difficult to say at the moment. This new edition could boost sales of the model, as was the case with the RED edition of the iPhone 8.

We can expect Apple to apply the same price as for the basic aluminum version, namely from 449 €.

If this edition of the Apple Watch Series 5 really comes out, Apple should certainly present it during its spring keynote, next March. According to all the rumors, this conference should be particularly rich. We are therefore waiting for the presentation of an Apple Watch Series 5 RED, the iPhone SE 2 and new iPad Pro triple photo sensors.