How can Tractor be the game changer in farming?

How can Tractor be the game changer in farming?

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Tractors have traditionally been used on farms for various tasks and operations. After upgrading technology, the modern tractors are used for plowing, harvesting, landscaping, clearing brushes and spreading fertilizers. Tractors advantages compatible for all farms, its mechanism used in small farms as well as large farms.  A variety of tractors have been designed and manufactured for the particular uses. Like row crop tractors with movable threads allow farmers to pass down the row of tomatoes, corn without crushing the plant and standard tractors with the fixed wheel with lower gravity used for heavy work in farms. Many utility tractors are the small version of agriculture tractor, but they can effectively handle the small jobs in farms like harvesting, watering and spreading chemicals.

Tractors are typically manufactured with powerful engines so that they can handle the heavy workload on the farm. Nowadays, modern tractors come with iron front axles that give extra strength and durability.

A tractor is known as an excellent piece of machinery can offer most of the agriculture needs. The wheels are designed in this way, that they can quickly move on the uneven ground surface. It not only saves farmer time but also increases the productivity of the crops.

There are several farming tools are designed to make farming effective like a cutter, spreader, harvester, fertilizer distributor. It’s not easy to use, this agriculture equipment without using tractors. With the help of tractors, farmers can attach all these tools and perform farming operations easily.

As we know, tractors are available in a wide range of models to deliver a specific task according to the requirements. The compact and subcompact tractors are available for the heavy-duty landscaping jobs. And sub-compact tractors are recommended for mechanizing easy jobs like harvesting, mowing, hauling. So, the point is, no farmers can accomplish these tasks manually because these auto vehicles not only reduce the efforts but also increase the crop productivity. Like, if you have ever been to market, you can see the variety of vegetables and fruits, it’s all because of using modern technology tool and techniques for farming jobs.

Different research had been concluded that with the help of modern tools crop productivity increased from 41% to 71% which was beyond the expectation. Furthermore, this facility helped the farmers in raising the crop quality and productivity. According to the NCAER report, the states like Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, which had a higher percentage crop intensity and had a higher grain yield per hectare.

Over the year, new technologies have changed framing. From horse to tractors, the mechanism of doing tasks is like changing animal power to machine power. One tractor means 5 horses, so tractors reached their highest point in the farming because more and more farmers began to plant a new crop, the uses of tractors are simultaneously increased and become popular. By the year of two thousand, the tractors became the game changers in agriculture and replaced all the manual farming tools and operations.