Apple plans to reopen Apple Stores in April


It would be a partial opening of head shops.

With the United States barely entering containment, the Trump government is already working on ways to revive commercial activity in the country. And this means reopening stores, including Apple Stores.

According to a memo retrieved by VentureBeat, Apple has already informed part of its employees that it intends to partially and gradually reopen its stores in mid-April.

In the note, Apple’s senior vice president of retail, Deirdre O’Brien, said the company is extending its homework and store closings until April 5. After which, the situation will be reassessed.

On March 14, Apple announced that all of its retail stores – outside of China – will close to protect employees and customers. A complicated situation for Apple, which has just unveiled several new products. Unfortunately, it cannot offer in-store demonstrations, but continues to carry out online orders.

In addition, the closure of its stores involves many constraints to the after-sales service, in particular for the repair of products, but also for repaired products which cannot be returned to their owner.

It’s hard to imagine that the Apple Stores will reopen next month in Europe. It’s not really a priority. Here, containment is almost complete and only food stores can remain open.

By contrast, in the United States, President Trump has said that shutting down U.S. companies over the long term would have far too large an impact on the economy. This is why he would like the shops to reopen after Easter, so in mid-April. What motivate Apple to reopen its stores. A reopening that would be done drop by drop and only in the cities least affected by the coronavirus.