Donald Trump has expressed the desire to meet Kim Jong again

Donald Trump has expressed the desire to meet Kim Jong again

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US President Donald Trump has said that he has received an encouraging letter from North Korea’s top leader Kim Jong, and he is eager to meet them again. Trump said that this meeting will be held in the near future to start talks again on the issue of nuclear release to the Korean Peninsula.

Trump said in a meeting with his cabinet colleagues on Wednesday, “I have received a letter from Kim Jong, now I have. Some people I showed this letter, they say that they have never written such a letter before. This is encouraging. We’ve made a lot of progress with Kim. North Korea has a lot of economic potentials. That’s why I am waiting for a meeting with Kim. “

First summit in Singapore
Between Trump and Kim, the first summit was held in Singapore on June 12 last year. It was agreed upon the Korean Peninsula to free the nuclear, but since then no special progress has been made on this issue.

Only talented people get admission in the US
Trump said, ‘We want to eliminate the visa lottery system.’ Based on merit and talent, those people are allowed to enter the US, which can help companies progress. They also emphasized that only a refugee can be prevented by illegal entry into the United States by creating a wall on the border of Mexico.

Return of soldiers
Trump termed the situation of Syria-affected Syria as ‘sand and death’ He said that the withdrawal of US troops from Syria will be gradually and we will protect our Kurdish allies. There are about two thousand soldiers in the US in Syria. Trump had announced to call them back last month.