SpaceX breaks record on successful Starlink launch

SpaceX breaks record on successful Starlink launch


Sending a rocket into space is not easy. After having canceled the launch of the Starlink due to technical problems, SpaceX returned to send its sixth batch of 60 satellites and managed to put it into orbit, further increasing its constellation for its broadband Internet system.

The takeoff used a booster from the Falcon 9 that flew for the fifth time, setting its record for reused components for space rockets. SpaceX often reuses parts to cut launch costs. The protective cover enclosing the orbiting Starlink satellite has been reused from past missions and with today’s mission, it managed to trap the two halves of the Falcon 9 rocket fairing.

Elon Musk’s company has managed to renew a Falcon 9 rocket in about 8 weeks and plans to achieve faster reuse with its next rocket: Starship, which will succeed Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy.

So far this year, this is SpaceX’s sixth mission and its fourth launch in 2020 in its idea to provide the internet to millions in the world.